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What are the true implications of promotion and relegation across English football?

Adam had the pleasure to sit down with Jorvik Radio again to talk all things football finance.

We discussed:

  • Where does the Premier League stand compared to the other big leagues in terms of wealth?

  • How is the prize money distributed in the Premier League?

  • What are clubs losing by getting relegated? Should Parachute Payments stay?

  • Luton won the so called "£180 million game" what does that mean in real terms to Luton?

  • What would be the difference between playing budgets in the Championship and the Premier League?

  • The gap between the leagues in terms of wealth seems to be getting bigger - forgetting moneybags Wrexham who played last season in the National League with a League 1 budget, what is the average playing budget for a club in York's division?

  • York City's accounts were released recently, what state is the club in?

A pleasure to talk to Jorvik Radio again and you can watch the full interview here.

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