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We’re fortunate to work with some of the best clients in the sports industry. DSM has worked with clients in 5 different sports including Football, Rugby Union and Formula 1. Our team includes experts in a range of fields including marketing, business strategy, recruitment and market analysis all of whom are ready to help develop and grow your business. We take great care in every step of the process from idea formation to execution and we have vast experience throughout. Check out a few of our clients below and get in touch with questions.


Formula 1

One of the most distinctive brands in sport. DSM are proud to work with those at the edge of sporting and mechanical innovation. Davis Sports Management were tasked to support Formula 1's "We Race As One" campaign in understanding effective strategies promoting diversity and inclusion in motorsport. Our research spanned across the globe and our results were welcomed heavily by Formula 1. Here at DSM, we take pride in knowing the work we do could lead to many more individuals competing in our of the world's greatest brands.



Davis Sports Management has worked alongside some of the best in the football recruitment business. DSM has worked closely as a football finance advisor to Statsbomb's Pro Services team since June 2022.


Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University are one of the most prestigious academic institutions in sports finance and management in the UK. DSM have worked alongside the Sports Industry Research Centre linked to the university on multiple projects. DSM have played a key role in creating a world leading database in football finance that looks to measure the true effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on football in England and Scotland. This ground breaking report is available upon request.

SME83 Logo.jpeg

SME 83

SME 83 are a leading boutique football and entertainment agency who take as much care in their clients on and off the field. DSM are long term partners with SME 83, delivering bespoke tactical and opposition analysis for all clients to ensure all players play to their full potential at any level of the pyramid.


MRKT Insights

Offering world class football recruitment services, DSM works alongside MRKT insights to achieve bespoke worldwide scouting services for clubs across the globe at all levels of the sporting pyramid


York City Football Club Foundation

We look to help sport see success at all levels. This client approached us for consultation on how to best protect their client's data in light of GDPR. Through DSM's help this fantastic charity could continue delivering football to over 8000 people in the city of York.

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